Kolff arrangements


Dr. Willem Kolff's old office in the former City Hospital in Kampen has been restored to its former glory and turned into a museum. The room can be visited by appointment only (both individually and in a group). Please inquire about the possibilities via willemkolffkampen@gmail.com 

Immerse yourself in one of the most exciting chapters in medical history. A young doctor in a small hospital, hidden from the German occupier, lays the foundation for one of the most important developments in medical science of the twentieth century: the introduction of artificial organs.

In the setting of a medieval city center you can immerse yourself in the fascinating life of a doctor, inventor and resistance member. You follow in the footsteps of an idealist who not only had successes but also made sacrifices in his personal struggle for one goal: to bring people on the brink of death back to a joyful and dignified existence.

Below the enthusiastic reaction of a Cuban nephrologist who visited the Kolff Museum Room in early March 2023:
Thank you for the beautiful presentation yesterday. I knew that Dr. Kolff's life was impressive, but now thanks to you I have known him more deeply. I think we agree that Nephrology can be divided into before and after the development of dialysis therapy, that is, thanks to the development of the technique that Dr. Kolff pioneered.
In my lectures I always have a few moments to talk about the history of nephrology and Dr. Kolff is one of my heroes. I plan to go more to the website of this museum and direct my students to explore it in the history of medicine.
I can assure you that yesterday was a memorable day for me that I will not forget easily, I have completed something that I wanted to do and it was very nice to be with you.
It will be a pleasure to keep in touch.
All the best and success in your organization.
Jorge Silva F MD. MSc.

Kampen, March 3, 2023


Visit the Kolff Museum Room in combination with a historic city walk. Have a lecture given or have your meeting take place in this special place with an entertaining and inspiring story about this medical-technical pioneer. Everything is possible.
Send an e-mail to willemkolffkampen@gmail.com and inquire about the possibilities.


Do you wish to organise a lecture, excursion or other event for your company, institution, school, training, and/or other organisation on the historic importance of Dr. Willem Kolff, his invention of the artificial kidney, his heroic role during World War Two, the many international awards, distinctions and prizes he was awarded, or do you want to see with your ownn eyes his historic legacy including original equipment, replicas of artificial kidneys in different stages of development? You may contact us for enquiries or an appointment at willemkolffkampen@gmail.com.

Author and biographer Herman Broers gives lectures on location about Willem Kolff and the invention of the artificial kidney. Richly illustrated with images and anecdotes, he brings the story of one of the most important medical pioneers in the Netherlands to life for you. Inquire about the possibilities via willemkolffkampen@gmail.com