When searching the internet for information on Dr. Willem Kolff (1911-2009) - the person, the bioengineer, his work, the development of the artificial kidney and his contribution to the development of the artifical heart and much more - the interested reader is confronted with abundant information. To facilitate the reader, we have made a selection which is presented below.

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Dr. Willem (William) J. Kolff and his work - a selection:

A tribute to Dr. Willem J. Kolff: innovative inventor, physician, scientist, bioengineer, mentor, and significant contributor to modern cardiovascular surgical and anesthetic practice 
(Theodore H. Stanley, 2013. National Library of Medicine, National Center for Biotechnology Information).

Dialysing for Life: The Development of the Artificial Kidney (edited by J. van Noordwijk, 2001)

Dr. Kolff and Membrana -  including Biography, Pioneering Work, Lasker Award, Accord Symposium, Membrana Booth, Nephrology Seminar, Visit Wuppertal  

Dr. Willem J. Kolff Biography (Infoplease)

Father of Artificial Organs - The story of medical pioneer Willem J. Kolff (1911-2009) 
(Fokko P. Wieringa, Henning Søndergaard, Stephen Ash, 2021. National Library of Medicine, National Center for Biotechnology Information) 

Find a Grave - Willem Johan Kolff 

Interview with William J. Kolff, Pioneer of Biomedical Engineering, Salt Lake City, Utah, November 15, 1991.     

Kolff Family (Wikipedia)    

Medical Histories of Past 100 Years 

My life with Dr. Willem Kolff (Y. Nosé, 1998. National Library of Medicine, National Center for Biotechnology Information)

National Inventors, Hall of Fame - William J. Kolff, 

Willem Kolff, Inventor of Kidney and Heart Machines, Dies at 97 (New York Times, February 12, 2009)

Willem Kolff - Kidney Dialysis Machine

William J. Kolff, M.D., Ph.D

Willem J. Kolff Papers, 1935 - 2009 (Archives West)

William Johan Kolff (1911 - 2011) Inventor/Developer  (New Netherlands Institute, Exploring America’s Dutch Heritage)

Willem Johan Kolff (1911-2009) (Wikitree)

Willem Johan Kolff  (Wikipedia) 

Willem J Kolff (1911-2009): physician, inventor and pioneer: father of artificial organs 
(Megan Morissey, 2012. National Library of Medicine, National Center for Biotechnology Information)


Additional recommended reading:

Book review by Fokko P. Wieringa: Ash, Stephen, 'Success is just running out of mistakes: a lifelong quest to make hemodialysis simple, safe, and effective' (Pittsburgh, PA: Dorrance Publishing; 2023, 94 pp.).