Anyone who searches the internet for information about doctor Willem Kolff will soon feel dizzy. To make it easier for the interested reader, we have collected a number of links here that provide background information about Willem Kolff (1911-2009) and his work, especially the development of the artificial kidney, but also his contribution to the development of the artificial kidney. artificial heart. In addition, less known but still worth mentioning are Dr Kolff's resistance activities during the Second World War. 

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Background information about Willem Kolff and his work - a selection:

Biography Willem Johan Kolff (biographer: Herman Broers)

Willem Kolff's machines (pdf file)

The Man Who Saved Millions of Lives: Doctor Willem Kolff, 1911 - 2009 (book, by Kolff biographer Herman Broers)

How a Dutchman invented the artificial kidney in the middle of World War II  (podcast, 2021)

Kolff Collection - Kampen City Archives

Kolff and the artificial kidney (Broadcast Other Times, 2018)

Kolff and the artificial kidney  (Article NTGV, 2013)

Kolff Family (genealogy site)

Lecture Willem Kolff - Rijksmuseum Boerhave

Our inspiration: Willem Kolff

Diptych about prof dr Willem Kolff, the father of the artificial organs (Noorderlicht radio, 2003)

Wartime inventor: Willem Kolff

Why are so few Dutch people aware of the inventor of the artificial kidney?

Who's who in Overijssel: Willem Kolff (1911-2009)

Willem Kolff  (Wikipedia) 

Willem Kolff: the man who saved millions of lives (book review)

Willem Kolff spiritual father of artificial organs 

Willem Kolff - Inventor of the artificial kidney and the artificial heart


Relevant organizations:

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