The Willem Kolff Foundation wants to stimulate practical innovation in medicine and healthcare to improve the lot of patients. The WKS offers a platform for this through its activities (conferences, symposia, inventors' competition) and its prizes (Kolff Prize, Maria ter Welle Innovation Prize, Van Noordwijk Stipendium / battle of the universities), independently or in collaboration with third parties. The WKS encourages and honors both young and emerging innovators and pioneers in medicine and healthcare.
The Willem Kolf Foundation also manages the historical legacy and ideas of its namesake, Prof. Dr. Willem Johan Kolff (1911-2009), as the most important global pioneer in the field of artificial organs and biomedical technology, both nationally and internationally. .
The two objectives (promoting innovation/future and preserving ideas/knowledge of the past) go hand-in-hand as the necessity and usefulness of unorthodox thinking (Kolff) in order to be able to innovate and improve medicine and healthcare for the benefit of the patient.

Financial resources

The foundation's monies consist of grants, funds, donations and endowments, as well as bequests, heirlooms and other receipts.

Activities 2015 - 2016

The Willem Kolff Foundation is organizing two major events in 2016:
- the third 'battle of the universities' in the spring of 2016, in collaboration with Philips Research at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven
- an invitational conference in the autumn of 2016 in collaboration with the W.J. Kolff Institute of the UMCG in Groningen.
Regular activities are also organised, such as the presentation of the Maria ter Welle Innovation Prize in collaboration with the Dutch Kidney Foundation during the National Nephrology Days in Veldhoven (March 2016), the World Kidney Day, Open Monument Day (in collaboration with IJsselheem / Myosotis) and various historical lectures. and activities related to the management and preservation of Kolff's philosophy as a global pioneer.

Archive working group

Finally, a working group was set up for 2015-2016 to make an inventory of the Willem Kolff Foundation archives and prepare them for transfer to the Kampen City Archives, which is expected in the summer of 2016.