The Willem Kolff Foundation wants to stimulate practical innovation in medicine and healthcare to improve the well being of patients. The WKF offers a platform for its objectives through a number of specific activities including conferences, symposia, cooperation with like-minded organisations and people, the award of prizes (Kolff Prize, Maria ter Welle Innovation Prize, Van Noordwijk Stipendium / battle of the universities), independently or in collaboration with third parties. The WKF encourages and honors both young and emerging innovators and pioneers in medicine and healthcare.
The Willem Kolf Foundation also manages the historical legacy and ideas of Dr. Willem Johan Kolff (1911-2009), who many consider one of the most important global pioneers in the field of artificial organs and biomedical technology, both nationally and internationally. His numerous awards and distinctions underline his outstranding achievements and reputation. 
The two stated WKF objectives (promoting innovation/future and preserving ideas/knowledge of the past) go hand-in-hand. Key to a successful approach lies in unorthodox thinking as Dr. Kolff has demonstrated.